Storm Multirotors

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Please do not order any multirotors. At the moment, we cannot continue selling them due to liability issues. Hopefully this issue will be resolved.

Order your multicopter below!

DJI F450

DJI F450 $240- This quadcopter frame offers high performance and fast flying, perfect to suit your FPV needs. If you saw me at the beach, this was what I was flying! Able to carry a Zenmuse 2-axis GoPro gimbal, this quadcopter can also become a high class aerial filming rig!

To the left, click which set of props you would like on your F450 Frame (10 inch or 8 inch, 8 recommended), and then click the add to cart button to choose the f450 as your frame


DJI F550

F550 $360- This hexacopter UAV can stay stable when one or even two motors go out in flight! With a heavy lift capacity, this multorotor can carry pretty much any camera out there, and can be mounted with a 2-axis GoPro gimbal, perfect to suit your aerial filming needs. To the left, click which set of props you would like on your F450 Frame (10 inch or 8 inch, 8 recommended), and then click the add to cart button to choose the F550 as your frame.


TBS Discovery

Coming soon- TBS Discovery (Includes cost of F450, minus top + bottom plate) $500- This quadcopter is debatably the best FPV multirotor out there. Capable of high speeds, high performance, and a medium payload, its perfect addition to your FPV wall. if you're an FPVer- this quad is for you!

Main Controllers:


DJI Naza-M $300- Debatably one of the best main controllers out there, the naza offers high performance, and altitude hold mode- Perfect your intermediate and advanced fliers.

DJI Naza-M with GPS

DJI Naza-M GPS $450- Same performance as the naza-m… But with GPS! The GPS offers position hold mode, where the multirotor will stay in the same spot without moving, and return to home!

DJI Naza-Lite with GPS

DJI Naza-Lite GPS $300- Nearly identical performance to the Naza-M with GPS, all for the price of just the naza! Perfect for beginners, this main controller is made for stable but simple flights.

DJI Naza-M V2 with GPS

DJI Naza-M V2 GPS $528- My personal choice, this main controller offers new stabilization algorithms, GPS position hold, altitude hold, manual mode, and return to home! I've hit speeds of over 30 MPH with this contoller!! (In manual mode)

Wookong-M Autopilot

Wookong-M Autopilot- $1,500- Perhaps the best flight controller out there. It can support quadcopters, hexacopters, and even octocopters! It's stable flight movement and extremely accurate GPS system allows you to get extremely smooth video with no vibrations! This flight control system is recommended for the F550 and S800, but it can also be mounted on the F450. 


Futaba T8J eight channel transmitter

Futaba T8J 8 channel transmitter- $400- My personal choice of transmitter, this 2.4 GH eight channel radio can transmit more than a mile away! Perfect for beginners, and easy to use, this radio is the perfect fit for the F450 and F550.

Futaba T8J Flight mode:

FPV (First Person View) Systems

Fatshark Predator V2

Fatshark Predator V2 (Full system) $330

Fatshark Attitude

Fashark Attidude (Full System) *Note* Battery not included $400

600mw ImmersionRC video transmitter (Fatshark compatible)

5.8 Ghz 600 MW ImmersionRC/fatshark compatible video/audio transmitter $90


DJI Phantom battery

DJI Phantom stock battery (2200 MAH 3S 20C 11.1 V Lithium-Polymer) $25

Fatshark Replacement battery

FatShark replacement battery, can be used with Attidude & Predator V2 systems (1000 MAH, 2S) $20


DJI Phantom charger

DJI Phantom replacement charger- $25- Easy to use, beginner friendly, cost efficient charger


Zenmuse H3-2D GoPro Hero 3 brushless gimbal

DJI Zenmuse H3-2D Brushless gimbal for GoPro Hero 3- $750- DJI's own, 2 axis brushless gimbal for the GoPro hero 3. This gimbal makes getting the shots you need as easy as it gets. Controllable from the VR Knob on your futaba T8J, or through head tracking on the FatShark attitude, when the camera follows where you look!

Tarot 2D gimbal coming soon!


Parallel battery connector

$10- Plug this into your multirotor to allow it to use two batteries at once! This simple solution to the short flight time issue on most multirotors can be yours for only $10!

Landing Gear

$40- Landing Gear for the DJI F450-F550. If you want to mount a gimbal or a camera below, this is a must. If you have ordered a gimbal as well, please note that the landing gear will NOT be in your video; we will position the gimbal further forward on the multirotor so that the landing gear does not affect your shot.

GoPro Hero 3 FPV Cable

$15- Want to be able to use a GoPro Hero3 as your FPV camera? Just buy this cable, and we will install it for you! *Note* GoPro not included

Please read the text below, otherwise you may make a mistake ordering.

Our bulid-it-yourself feature allows you to make the custom multicopter that fits you!

*Note* Each item below includes the actual item price, plus the installation price (cost of installation depends on item)

*Note* Your order MUST include a frame and a main controller, failure to order at least one of each will result in you not recieving your order, please contact me for a refund. (May not be 100% refunded)

*Note* We only ship to the US… sorry. And we ship with UPS 2nd day air, unless you contact me for other shipment.

*Note* It may ask for your shipping info multiple times (If you pay with credit card, otherwise it will just use your paypal adress), this is normal.

*Another note* You may only order one item from each category (Frames, Main controllers, etc.), except for the battery category and the FPV category.

For all people looking for the…                   DJI S800 Hexa- Known as the best aerial filming rig, they are 100% Custom built, for prices and features please contact me at [email protected]